Well, if the Intelligence Services want to expose Shi’a Islam using the Mut’a marriage issue, they will not find better than this article to second them and support their view . The Mut’a marriage is a favorite topic, and has always been for those who want to slander Shi’a Islam, and Lady Shakdam is raising this issue as a double edged sword that could be used to slander and to defend at the same time.

While the Mail Online website is being criticized by lady Shakdam for publishing an article that makes Mut’a marriage synonym to prostitution , lady Shaktam refrains in every respect from giving a right definition of Mut’a marriage that will replace in the mind of the reader the erroneous definition given by Mail Online . No, she does not do that , she speculates and speculates endlessly without approaching the matter or revealing to the reader what is meant by Mut’a Marriage and how marriage cannot be prostitution simply by definition. Marriage is marriage and prostitution is prostitution, and one cannot be the other, and it is as simple as this, and Shadkam should have started by refuting the association of the two terms .

Instead of doing this, and after speculating endlessly without tackling the matter , lady Shakdam invites the writer of the article of Mail Online to find out for himself what Mut’a Marriage means leaving the reader lost in the middle of nowhere, not knowing what to think or believe and having nothing to replace with the term prostitution that has been offered to him together with the term Mut’a .

A very manipulative narrative written by an expert that is not Shakdam who does not seem to have written anything of all this, but these are articles that bear her name written by different people with different styles, and it is obvious that they are not the expression of one person.


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