Bismillah wassalatu wassalam
Brothers and sisters and brothers wounded
i congratulate you on these days of Sha’baan
celebration of the birth of al Hussein and Zain al Abideen and Abul Fadl and Ali Al Akbar
and the month of Ramadan is drawing near
the birth of al Abbas has been chosen as the day of the wounded
This is their day and the day of the Sabr of the wounded and al Abbas crowned his wounds with the Shahada
Like Hajj Mustafa Badreddine and Alaa al Bosna are also among the wounded that were martyred and many others resumed the fighting and returned to the battlefield
You are a proof on what you have endured and this path should continue of forbearance
And there were achievements also that speak for you
and for what you did for which you will be rewarded
and on this worldly level these sacrifices lead to the liberation and to peace and security and stability is won thanks to these sacrifices
that kept the israeli enemy checked by drawing the equation between our security and their security
And also on the front of Terror these sacrifices lead to securing Lebanon the whole borders of Lebanon are out of threat except for Irsal . The borders are fully secured against any assault . Many of our wounded were injured in these battles that were for the protection of Lebanon and for all Lebanese
As for security there were improvements also except the threat presented by Irsal . From the south to the north Lebanon is fully secure

First Lebanon I will speak about and then certain regional events
This security Lebanon enjoys is thanks to these sacrifices .some have lost their limbs or their sight in defending Lebanon , that is why we are primarily concerned with preserving this security that is most important to us .
As for labor day we suffer for sure from unemployment and this is a very important matter that should be dealt with because when men and women are idling this could mean families torn apart and means divorce and problems and narcotics and even crime and leads to depression
the state should be concerned with this , this is the government responsibility
i ask all to give unemployment the deserved attention , the cause of this ailment and the diagnosis and the treatment
a permanent committee should be formed to treat this problem
this should have the priority

As for the electoral law it is a sensitive issue and many deal with this issue as if it were a life or death issue
there are proposals and it is a matter of prime importance
As usual instead of discussing seriously this issue , this matter is sometimes used for political purpose to settle political fights unfortunately
some have accused Hizbullah of not wanting the Christians to elect their representatives by their exclusive votes
This is not true because the Resistance supported the Greek Othodox law proposal that enables each community to choose its representatives at the exclusion of others
We are not standing against this exclusive vote
They also said that the Resistance wants to impose absolute proportionality
We have spoken since decades about the proportionality law that is the best law according to us
Allow me to say this that AMAL and the Resistance are ready to approve of any electoral law that has the approval of all
But we want an electoral law that will bring an assembly representative of the nation
When we speak about proportionality it is in order to explain what it is and why is it suitable and we are not forcing it on any one we are just trying to convince people about it and we will not impose any law on the Lebanese
All religious communities are worried and they are looking for guarantees , but we have to admit that the Christian and the Druze communities have more worries and reservations because of many reasons
We cannot impose on those a law that they do not want

We are not speaking about numbers but about religious communities, and for this reason we are asking for agreements and understandings which may require some concessions
to all Lebanese i say we are pressured by time, if we do not agree upon a law the repercussions are bad and we are standing on the brim
i ask all not to push Lebanon to the abyss , do not force Lebanon to the abyss and Lebanon is on the verge of falling and no one can help us and all are busy with their own differences
all should bear responsibility and each can blame the other and the question is Lebanon Where to?
We all should feel this danger and we need to save our country and this is urgent and we are running out of time

The hunger strike of the Palestinians that we approve and support for the prisoners to get their rights
israel is turning a deaf ear and the prisoners are not asking for the liberation of Palestine but they have prisoners’ demand
Where are the Arabs from this , Where is the Arab league, the Islamic Conference, Palestine has become a forgotten Cause
if this were happening in some country not in a country ally to US you would have seen all rallying against those who are holding these prisoners . but this is Netenyahu and he will take the whole time
the world keep silent while Terror kills thousands of people in Iraq and the Arab systems are standing openly with ISIS
And they are starving and killing the Yemenis and all know who is doing this but it is the Saudis and they are allies to the US and giving money to the US and Trump wants more money from them , but the Yemenis have nothing to give
Look at Fou’a and Kafarya the slaughter that happened that killed hundreds and hundreds are still missing . If the buses of Madaya and Zabadani were targeted by a missile the world would have risen in protests
As for Khan Shaykhun they will not even send investigators so that the real culprit be punished and Trump raided the Shuirat airport and was congratulated by the Arab rulers
and Sheikh Issa Qassem that has been besieged in his house and no one asks about him because he lives in a country affiliated to the US

if we live today in a peaceful country it is not thanks to the UN , if Lebanon enjoys peace is because of your sacrifices thanks to the army and the Resistance and the people
we cannot expect anything from them and they are the cause of the ailment . we live in the law of the jungle the strong eats the weak . This world is about interests and greed not about principles and this is what we should know and act accordingly
i will speak about the fight in the Ghouta about the fight going on there , using all kinds of weapons and people getting executed and burned and they call each other names and labels some religious labels they bring from history and are even unknown to me.
If we can deduce anything , what would have been the future of Syria if these gangs were able to seize power and control the rule ?
it would have been open to endless bloody fights and there is no oil or ANYTHING OF VALUE AND IMMEDIATELY THEY TURN THE OTHERS INTO HERETICS
and imagine if those were able to enter Lebanon what would have happened to the country
and ISIS takes human shields and in al Mosul those are Sunnis
those fighting in al Ghouta are Sunnis among each other and they do not spare anyone .
this is to remind whether the Resistance was right in engaging in the battle of Syria
our Freedom Fighters , our people our leadership all say that we are right in engaging in this battle
the victory is that we could maintain the rule and the country and the Army and it is the Syrians who did this and their allies

i don’t speak to mobilize because there is no need for this kind of speech because all are convinced
We are commemorating al Abbas who refused to withdraw from this battle even when he was offered to withdraw without having to join the enemy , but he refused and offered himself and his brothers at the altar of Karbalaa
As al Abbas refused to drink and when he reached the river he helped himself to the water but could not drink thinking of his brother al Hussein . Many cannot understand this those who are pragmatic who are not inspired who are not the people of benevolence and of ithar
you -the injured- have proven to be the people of forbearance and sacrifice and fortitude , this worldly existence is limited and you should preserve this asset that is yours for the here after where you will find everything reserved to you


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