i wanted to clear this matter of Bilal West who seems to be the new identity of Harun el Binawi, and i don’t know why el Binawi himself does not solve this riddle by revealing his identity to us , or he is afraid to admit being Bilal West after Bilal West has exposed himself for faulty behavior regarding certain sisters .

I was told that el Binawi was at odds with Sheikh Zakzaki around two issues : one is that he opposed Sheikh Zakzaki by supporting voting for Buhari while Sheikh Zakzaki was against voting for him . Sheikh Zakzaki proved right on this issue since Buhari was worse than Jonathan . And the other issue was what el Binawi said about Sheikh Zakzaki denying the existence of Boko Haram and criticizing him for this, which is not accurate because , from what i know, the venerable Sheikh spoke about never seeing Boko Haram without denying their existence, and i have spoken about this extensively elsewhere .

All in all, while blaming me wrongly for exposing the Guardian Council and even the Leadership, there we see al Binawi- alias Bilal West – contesting his religious Reference Sheikh Zakzaki and attributing to him things that are not accurate . All in all, i do not recognise the old el Binawi in Bilal West, and i think he had chosen a strange name indeed that might show his new affiliations especially that he has been associating himself with infiltrators like Shabbir Hassanally, and with israeli affiliated fb trolls among them Haidar Akrar and others.

This is to say that i really fear for the IMN in Nigeria in these conditions where the head of the movement is still under custody . I have heard many fb friends who took stands against infiltrators that they considered a threat, complain about being harassed by Nigerians who were hired for this purpose . I am a well wisher for the IMN and for its leader, and`i wish everything turns out right , but i warn against el Binawi alias Bilal West, and i think he has a role in taking the movement astray .

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