This is where the two – Sheikh Zakzaki and el Binawi- separated; and the question is why is el Binawi attributing Boko Haram to Islam as per the western agenda? He is looking for Nigerian roots to Boko Haram and for Islamic roots which is the westerner view point who wants to absolve the west from Terror .
while Sheikh Zakzaki made it a point to say that no one – ever saw -Boko Haram and no one knows what it is , alluding to the fact that it is not Islamic and a mere super imposed product . These assumptions and allegations on behalf of el Binawi aren’t acceptable and they serve the foreign agenda
Harun Elbinawi wrote:
With all due respect to Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, I differ from what he said that BokoHaram is not responsible for that terrorist attack.
Sheikh Zakzaky has never agreed that there exist a terrorist group called BokoHaram. He considered it as a faceless group that is a front for Western imperialism & Global Zionism.
We all live in Nigeria & we know the history of BokoHaram, how it originated to date. There is indeed a group called BokoHaram that was created by the late Mohammad Yusuf & we know it’s message of rejecting modern education as “Haram”.
We also know that there are Muslims who are brainwash by this deviant BokoHaram teachings. And we also know that BokoHaram declared war on the Nigerian nation.
Agreed during the former Nigerian govt of Goodluck Jonathan BokoHaram was hijacked & funded to execute a foreign agenda in Nigeria. But still there exist a group called BokoHaram, just like there exist terrorist groups like ISIS & AlQaeda in the Middle East & North Africa.
And the whole world knows that BokoHaram is a Takfiri group & Genocide is among the agenda of all Takfiri groups of which BokoHaram is not an exception.
I am a writer who is free to express his opinion & this is my opinion on this issue. I stand to be corrected!

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