We are still trying to solve the Catherine Shakdam riddle, and how this controversial person- who is an infiltrator- reached Leader Khamina’i Media Office where she has been hired lately . Besides working for Wikistrat that is a US on line Intelligence facility that processes information for geopolitical purposes , Shakdam was also hired by the security Service located in Canada called Anderson Consulting infoTeam that is an International Defense & Security firm . What is this person which such credentials doing in Leader Khamina’i’s Media Office is the question . Shakdam seems to work equally for Russia and USA and is serving in both countries . She works for Katehon , Putin’s Russian think tank monitored by controversial Alexander Dugin . The person believed to have brought Shakdam to Iran on contract basis is believed to be Nader Talebzadeh who is one of the leading figures in Iran’s Media , Why Taleb Zadeh has invited this controversial person who is mostly an infiltrator to come to Iran is another riddle that needs to be solved. Both Shakdam and Talebzadeh have Katehon in common.
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