The disqualification should be respected . i never said other wise . And doctor Nejad respected it . All three carried on their duties in a right way : The leader by Counselling Nejad , and Doctor Nejad by presenting his candidacy saying that he will withdraw in favor of Baqa’i, in order not to challenge the leadership , and the council by disqualifying him . They all behaved according to their duty but each has a different duty regarding himself and the country . This was all very well orchestrated and was not anyway threatening to the System , everything was contained within because Doctor Nejad will never contest the system , and he was the first victim of riots manipulated from outside that targeted him. And the Iranian people also did their duty , and the polls showed that Doctor Nejad got 21% of the votes right after Sheikh Rouhani 23%. The Iranians said their word, and they have the say in all this.

The Revolution is not the council , the Revolution is the people, and Doctor Nejad is one of the pillars of the Revolution and one of its sons . He acted rightly when presented his candidacy and it was not an act of rebellion since he was counselled and not ordered and he needed to address those who are with him and it is half the Iranians as the polls show , and he acted well when he accepted the decision of the council also because he was not contesting the System although he was addressing the Iranians . The leader wanted him to have this margin i think from where he could operate.

I think the leader and Doctor Nejad have a good relation, and i think that doctor Nejad should not be demonized nor his relation with the leader demonized as is happening . This is very bad and dangerous for Iran. And it is like demonizing the Iranians . Doctor Nejad qualifies to rule , and he draws his legitimacy from the Iranians and from none else . Why he cannot share in the contest is what we have to understand, and why the islamic Republic cannot afford his candidacy this is what we should look into , and we are invited to do so not only by Doctor Nejad but by the leadership also .

For saying this that i mentioned above i was accused of conspiring against Iran . No real leadership would want to lead flocks and sheeple . Leadership needs awareness and leader Khamina’i always insists on the fact that what is required above all is awareness .Nothing could be achieved without awareness, and growing aware is what we should do that no one can do for us. This is our duty towards ourselves and towards the Revolution that should remain alive in the hearts of all. The Revolution should be preserved and should continue and the Revolution is the people and not any council .


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