Israelis broke into the prisons where the prisoners are fasting in order to end their hunger strike after 11 days the strike started. . This strike was needed and organized by the Palestinian Authority as a an attempt at containing the situation in the West Bank and Gaza after the israelis refused the establishment of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital and refused to commit themselves to the Oslo agreement. The Palestinian Authority sought a prisoners’ movement that will represent a common ground to all and will not be object of dissent and will gather all factions and the prisoners families. But unity could not be sought through this strike and even if many factions joined the strikes almost all of them , each engaged in separate functions on its own . It is elections that are required that are due to have a real representativity of the Palestinians . The prisoners cannot bear the full load of the cause , they have their load to bear and it is wrong to use their cause in order to evade issues that prove more and more urgent. The prisoners’ cause is part of the cause but is not the cause, and it is being used to procrastinate issues and requirements that should be met . This is wasting precious time before Mahmoud Abbas visit to Washington is due.


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