The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to leave the OAS Organization of American States because of measures that the Organization intends to take against the Bolivarian Republic whereby the Organization has called for a meeting with foreign ministers of the respective countries.

Foreign embassies and Foreign secret Services affiliated infiltrators have been sowing havoc in the country provoking the police and creating upheavals. It is not that they are many, but they are backed by US and well determined, and they call for democracy while in reality subjugation to the US is their goal.

They look very much like what we have witnessed in Lebanon two years ago, when the garbage protests , manipulated by the US embassy and various NGOs, took to streets in order to solve the garbage problem seemingly, but seeking instability in reality . The scene in the streets of Venezuela now looks very much like the scene in Beirut then which proves that there is one hand behind both.

The Trick consists in provoking the police by throwing stones etc.. or engaging in a fight or even shooting at the police , and the minute the police reacts to these actions, the cameras start shooting and sending fake images and videos about co called abuse by the police and posting them on the social media . The truth is that the world order has decided that it is time that Venezuela tastes the Arab Spring that is being generalized now to reach Latin America starting by Brazil and not ending with Venezuela itself .

It is a wise decision on behalf of president Maduro to pull out of the OAS in order to save Venezuela’s sovereignty and integrity threatened by the US predator. Other countries should do the same, and the predator should be kept at distance because the predator fails in respecting the limits and boundaries of nations. Venezuela is learning well the lesson that all should learn from Syria , the country that was a regional player before becoming an international arena for all regional and international forces and players .

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