The situation is escalating in Syria after Erdogan has secured his ascension to power, and the extension of his rule together with the expansion of his prerogatives by way of a referendum that turned out to his favor and which many Turks accused of being a fraud . Yesterday, the Turkish air force raided the Kurdish Areas in Syria , east of the Euphrates in al Hasaka area and killed many YPG militants .

Sources say that around 200 civilians fell victims also due to the Turkish raids. These raids were not restricted to Syria but expanded to Iraq where by Jebel Sinjar was hit and the PKK militants were targeted . The PKK militants are present in Sinjar probably to protect the Kurdish Izaidi Community whom the Peshmerga had delivered to ISIS previously .

Turkey revealed that the strikes were both coordinated with US and Russia. Sources speak about and attempt at isolating the PKK from other Kurdish forces , from the YPG and Peshmerga and targeting them in Syria and Iraq . Turkey that has been introduced to the Syrian scene by Russia is now occupying from Jarablus to al Baab inside Syria and is still training terrorists ad delivering them into Syria with tons of weapons bought recently by the Saudis from Bulgaria and shipped through Jeddah.

The Turks have been invited by Russia to solve their differences with the Kurds on Syrian ground under the pretext of fighting Terror . But , finally, after the PKK is eliminated as wished by NATO Turkey , the Kurds and the Turks will be only fighting over their share of the Syrian pie from which Russia has already secured the biggest chunk

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