the Arab journalists`are struck by the Russian disease that is an extremely dangerous ailment that is very contagious . Last week , writer Nasser Qandeel offered his counsel to the Lebanese authorities , a very precious counsel on behalf of Mister Qandeel who said that the Lebanese authorities should coordinate with the Syrian authorities regarding the war on Terror . And if this proves difficult, let them coordinate with the Syrians through the Russians , The Russians- said `Qandeel- who looked very inspired – are ready to play this role . Mister Qandeel of course did not choke while saying this , but the lady who interviewed him became a little bit puzzled and could hardly hide her dismay . The Syrians are our neighbors and brothers, and now we have to go through the Russian belligerent in order to contact them . At every crossroads one can find the Russian belligerent buying and selling, and has been selling shares in Syria for the highest bidder , and now will mediate between Lebanon and Syria for some price ,not to speak that Putin has turned Syria into an exhibition space to demonstrate the Russian weapons and their effectiveness. The Russian arm sells are shooting high as a result . Then someone will come and ask why the war on Syria is being prolonged endlessly.


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