Not only the list of friends of Catherine Shakdam includes many other infiltrators some of them not hiding their israeli connections, but places where Shakdam works or worked are also controversial and they include the geostrategic US facility founded in 2009 – called Wikistrat – that processes information coming from 2000 hired members for Intelligence purposes . The person called Shakdam also works for Katehon that is a duginist site monitored by Alexander Dugin, Putin’s think tank , and works also for the Russian Affairs International Council and for the US Foreign Affairs Association, add to all this the Imam Khamina’i Media Office . This is a wide range of commitment . From Wikistrat US Intelligence , to the Russian Intelligence, to the Media Office of leader Khamina’i . Either the people of Iran do not check who they hire , or they hired her knowing the contents of her resume that is not hidden, and who knows if they did not hire her because of all this.

The trip made from US Intelligence to the Bureau of the leader is not an easy thing and might have been carefully engineered as it seems by Shakdam’s mentor – Shabbir Hassanally- a so called scholar who made his way through by writing in favor of the Wilayat and has been promoting his protege Shakdam at the same time .

Shakdam is praised particularly for her connection with Yemen , but a close look at to how she is connected to Yemen shows that she is connected to the Mansur Hadi resigned government who is allied with the Saudis and is pounding the Yemeni people on daily basis . Shakdam, after the Arab Spring, worked as an” adviser ” to the then minister of human rights under Hadi’s presidency called Hooria Mashhour and who fled to Germany after the Houthi revolution in Yemen and has been exposing the Yemeni Revolution since then .

So, leader Khamina’i’s Media Bureau is hosting this creature – called Catherine Shakdam- whose controversial work experience is visible everywhere . As for Hassanally – her mentor – this is a different story . He- of course – must be like his protege , and what applies to her applies to him , and he seems to support the conservative candidate to the presidency Sayyed Raisi , and he has been threatening on his page those who speak against his family and friends meaning of course myself and accusing me of all sort of things of which he is probably guilty.


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