The US Embassy in Lebanon located in Awkar will spend one billion on building its new locals on the same site . The Embassy that was destroyed previously in 1983 in an attack that ended the military presence in Lebanon will be using Lebanon’s secured environment and social stability to transfer its Intelligence quarters from Iraq to Lebanonwhereby the US agents have difficulties moving in Iraq because of lack of security in the country. This new step is source of worry to many Lebanese whereby the security and relative stability that Lebanon is enjoying which is being assured by the golden equation of the People , the Army and the Resistance will be used by the US against Lebanon and against other Arab countries. This happens at the time the US Congress will vote new sanctions on Lebanon that target different Lebanese Parties and institutions and individuals and seek especially the Lebanese Resistance . President Aoun has warned US about such sanctions that will harm the Relations with USA. The fact is that the true way to deal with the spying centers that are the US embassies around the world is to close them and to oust their personnel, and get rid of these snakes hide outs once for all the same way the Iranian Revolution did . Why should any country allow that its security and integrity be violated this way by conspirators ? But the countries who are suffering from the predator west in form of US and others have normalized and pacified with them instead of ousting them and eradicate them .

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