The Hunger Strike continues in the various israeli prisons carried on for the ninth day by more than 1500 Palestinian prisoners amid measures taken by the israelis involving transfer and isolation of prisoners and confiscation of private belongings . The strike was started by Fateh but joined later by most factions whereby it was considered a common issue to all . The strike is headed by Fateh Secretary Marwan al Barghouthi who is being marketed as the Palestinian Mandela. Each faction is backing its prisoners separately in separate functions as it seems, and a campaign of boycott of israeli goods is being launched to create the Apartheid /anti Apartheid required atmosphere . The prisoners have demands that consecrate their condition as prisoners, and there is no mention of their unconditional release . The issue has less to do with the prisoners condition than it has to do with the final settlement of the Palestinian cause and the preparations that it requires. .This is a maneuver and a rehearsal of what the liquidation of the Palestinian Cause will look like, and comes to replace the required Intifada that can change the balance of power in favor of the Palestinians . This pattern monitored by the Palestinian Authority in coordination with the Popular Initiative and also israel is expected to be generalized to the whole occupied land whereby the occupation will be consecrated as a reality the same way the prisoners condition is being consecrated

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