It is wrong to picture that leader Khamina’i and Doctor Ahmadinejad are at odds , there is nothing like this .And anything built on this assumption is wrong . The leader and Ahmadinejad are on the`same side and are not at odds with one another but because of reasons inherent, the leader cannot support the candidacy of Nejad, and told president Nejad that the council will not back him and that he cannot help him .

The leader made it a point to tell the truth about the conditions of Nejad’s candidacy that are not favorable. Doctor Nejad said he was not disobeying the leader and he is presenting his candidacy to withdraw in favor of his assistant Baqa’i, and this is true because the leader did not order him , he rather informed him about will happen which happened in truth .

Despite the demonization he has been subject to, Doctor Nejad has a large portion of the population backing him for whom he owes something, and whom he cannot leave pending. In the polls, he rated right after Rouhani with 21% and Rouhani 23%. Because of this high rate, the Council fear his candidacy because otherwise , there is nothing to fear .

Doctor Ahmadinejad has high chances to win the presidency . He represents something on the ground, and he wanted to address his supporters and, for this reason, became candidate. Doctor Ahmadinejad is the son of the Revolution and has been demonized , and those who are against him resent him, and for this reason, his`candidacy has become a challenge that the leadership right now is not ready to face . But assuming that there are differences between the leadership and Ahmadinejad is totally wrong, there is no such thing ,and as Ahmadinejad has been demonized , so his relation to leader Khamina’i has been demonized .

All in all, this controversy has cast a light on the situation in Iran whereby there are forces playing that are not in favor of the Revolution, and where the candidacy of one of the sons of the Revolution is no more affordable . There are forces in Iran pushing in the direction opposite to the Revolution .


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