The Russian infiltration of Islam and of Iran seems to be one of Putin’s assignment by his partners of the USA and the World Order. And after Russia has been competing with Iran regarding the former Islamic Republics of the Soviet Union in order to prevent any spread of the Revolution in this direction , Russia will be assuming a different dress now in order to infiltrate Iran, and this is not the dress of secularism but that of Islam.

This is to say that in order to undermine the Islamic Revolution in Iran , the World Order has designed different forms of Islam that grade from the Khilafat of ISIS to the Ottoman Sultanate , and that will all be promoted through sectarian war and will have for role to infiltrate and expose the Religion and expose Iran . But this was not enough as it seems . Another form of Islam that is is being actually promoted is the Islam of Russia or the Islam of Putin, a form of secular Islam that will act in the name of the Religion. This had already started with Putin inaugurating the Grand Mosque of Moscow in 2015 in the presence of Erdogan , followed by the Grozny Conference for Islam held few months ago – in september 2016 – that excluded Wahabism from the 4 schools of Sunni Islam. This was a simple trick that consists in absolving Sunni Islam from ISIS while keeping ISIS functioning in the name of Islam labeled as Wahabism .

Putin is known for his anti Islamic stands , it is enough that he accused Muslims wrongly of the Moscow bombings that were committed in 1999 by the FSB Security Services which he headed. And it is enough that he killed 50 thousand Chechens in Chechnya in order to promote himself as a national hero . And now, after the Syrian scene, Putin is requested to infiltrate the Iranian scene and there is no dress better than Islam to achieve this.

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