Why Ahmadinejad did not qualify is the question. We were betting on him to lead Iran and we were betting on us- Lebanese and Arabs- having a friend in Iran . Someone like him is needed. But he represented maybe too much a challenge for certain Iranians. Doctor Ahmadinejad did not expect his disqualification, and he said in an interview that there is no reason why he should not qualify . Well they found a reason, and he has been disqualified together with his assistant Baqa’i , we want to hear some justification for this since his record is clean and the charges of mismanagement did not find their way to court . We think the previous president is being demonized and that the inimical forces have succeeded in exposing him because of the great threat someone like him presents to the predator world order . We believe Doctor Ahmadinejad has his place in the hearts of many Iranians and Arabs and Muslims, and also in the hearts of other foreigners and that there is a place that no one can fill but him or someone like him . He is the prodigal son of the Revolution and the Revolution should not reject her son.

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