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The thing is that we cannot find a satisfying answer as to why Doctor Ahmadinejad did not qualify . Doctor Ahmadinejad is`qualified and he is a former president . We cannot find an answer as to why he has been demonized and how they succeeded in demonizing him among his own people . It seems that the Greens have not been defeated and they are faring well and maybe they have expanded and became more powerful . It is`strange that no one has ever demonized late`president Hashemi Rafsanjani even though his close family if not himself were directly involved with the Greens . Still they got away with it and no one exposed Rafsanjani or `spoke ill of him . Some Iranians totally shun Doctor Ahmadinejad and do not want to hear about him? We want to know why the police rushed yesterday to the place where Nejad lives after the Guardian Council revealed the names of the candidates ? Why there were so many police cars and who sent them and for what purpose?? and what did Nejad do ?This cannot be because when he was president he did not determine the budget of some ministry. Is the Iranian society suffering a schism of some sort or is it deeply infiltrated to the point that a remission is no more possible?

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