If the World Order has committed the crime of giving Palestine to the israeli usurpers then why should the Palestinians be punished? It is the World Order and the usurpers that should be punished .

6500 Palestinian prisoners are incarcerated , among them 313 children in administrative arrest who were not subject to trial . And they are all innocent . One million Palestinians have been incarcerated all in all which means that each Palestinian family has had at least one of its members incarcerated during the Palestinian plight . This means that the Palestinians were struggling and facing and confronting the occupation . This issue can bring the Palestinians together and become subject of consensus because the prisoners belong to all factions. Still, the Palestinian Cause cannot be reduced to a Prisoners’ cause .

Almost 2 thousand Palestinian prisoners have gone on hunger strike since 3 days lead by Fateh responsible in the West Bank prisoner Marwan al Barghouthi – the so called Palestinian Mandela celebrated as the heir to Arafat . The prisoners have prisoners’ demands. They want more family visits and adequate medical care and the possibility to see their children more often, and they want books and news papers and to take pictures with their families on regular basis. But there is no mention of why they have been incarcerated in the first place, and they are not asking to be released, and they are not denouncing their jailer to be the israeli usurper and occupier . It is as if what is required is normalization with this condition of incarceration , and as if there is no hope of being released according to an exchange deal of some sort as happened before .

Is this what Mahmoud Abbas is trying to do before his visit to Washington DC ? Is he trying to solve the prisoners’ problem by having the prisoners normalise with their condition as prisoners, and offer this normalization to his host in the White House, and use Marwan al Barghouthi the Palestinian “Mandela” for this purpose? Does he hope to get rewarded for this from his masters by extending his term that has somehow expired ?

This is to say that the Palestinian prisoners’ movement is deeply infiltrated – as everything else in the West Bank – by foreign affiliated NGOs that are also israeli .

The Palestinian prisoners should be released, and it is the duty of the Palestinian Authority in charge to release them by whatever means .

The israelis are not yielding to the prisoners demands, and have tightened their security measures and transferred number of prisoners and isolated others . How this will end we don’t know, but the support the prisoners are getting from the people is also manipulated and controlled and there are limits that are not to be transgressed.

There is fear that this will lead to the abortion of any serious endeavor regarding the prisoners’ cause . The prisoners are not just anyone . They are Freedom Fighters and they should not settle for less than their freedom and the liberation of their land, and the whole society should direct its efforts to have them released without exposing the cause for which they were incarcerated or compromising over it .


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