Part of the demonization of Doctor Ahmadinejad targeted especially his relation to leader Khamina’i . Ask any one and he will tell you that Ahmadinejad and leader Khamina’i are at odds. This is not true . The leader and president Ahmadinejad have good relations, and the proof is that they are not divided over this important matter that is their relation , and they have great faith in one another .

In one way, the leader had to apparently distance himself from Ahmadinejad , not because he has anything against him . Ahmadinejad was an exemplary president , honest , straightforward, committed and hardworking, and certainly the leader appreciated all these qualities, essential to the Revolution, gathered in one person who happened to be the president of Iran .

Therefore , the relations between Ahmadinejad and the leader are good relations and they are not at odds . But they are both at odds with the enemies of the Revolution who wanted this relation exposed. The enemies of the Revolution are many, and they are those who are directly manipulated by the west and are affiliated to embassies , and there are others also who are deceived by the ways of the west, and want Iran to follow a different path than that of the Revolution, and those are many , and a big portion of the Iranian society. Those described their problem to be Ahmadinejad and not the Revolution itself . They were simply jealous .Leader Khamina’i wanted to make room for those as well in order to avoid conflicts .

Also pressures were exerted on the leader to talk the previous president into not presenting his candidacy . This request was not the leader’s request but a request from the reformists or other constituents that the leader passed on to Doctor Ahmadinejad that Ahmadinejad rightly considered to be an advice rather than a dictate . But he committed himself to it nevertheless. and has explained his candidacy to be in order to support candidate Baqa’i.

The leader knows the value of rulers like Ahmadinejad, and he considers him an asset no doubt . It is not the person of Ahmadinejad, it is what he represents ,Doctor Ahmadinejad is a school, and has a place that no one can fill except himself or someone like him . It is strange that some Iranians want to neutralize him because Doctor Ahmadinejad is a pillar of Iran’s struggle , he is needed now whereby Iran is challenged from all sides by real threats and by soft war and sectarian war and Terror and sanctions . It is not enough to increase Iran’s military capacities , there is need to answer this challenge politically also and not only militarily, and Doctor Ahmadinejad qualifies for this , he could let Iran go out to meet the world and assert its position regarding all matters like Doctor Ahmadinejad did at the UN .

There are Iranians, and non Iranians , and they are many, who want Doctor Ahmadinejad for president, and who want him to have a say on things happening on the ground . We don’t know finally if the leader still has any reservations at all regarding the candidacy of Doctor Ahmadinejad, but they are certainly not the leader’s reservations in any case.

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