Escalation in Palestine in support of the hunger strike undertaken by 2 thousand prisoners in various prisons of the occupied land and the West Bank and Gaza are witnessing different rallies. In response , the israelis have escalated and have isolated al Barghouthi as per their say who is leading the strike . This is an engineered movement and not spontaneous , and comes to serve different agendas . The prisons’ movement is deeply infiltrated in Palestine and sponsored, and comes at a time when president Mahmoud `Abbas is about to visit Washington DC to meet Trump . And the movement is directly connected to this visit maybe in order to promote the prisoners issue at the expense of other issues whereby it is an issue that is common ground to all factions and in which all factions are sharing and cannot be object of dissent . Israel, on the other hand, might be willing to improve the conditions of incarceration of the prisoners and concede to their demands that have to do with visits and medical care and Mahmoud Abbas will not come from Washington empty handed even though the Palestinian State will not be on the schedule , but the prisoners would have obtained some rights and this is it . Many attempts at reducing the Palestinian Cause to a prisoners’ cause have been witnessed lately , and there are attempts now at involving the UN and the Arab League in the issue .

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