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The Syrians academicians affiliated to the rule have become experts in making up illusory victories. Today Prof Khaled al Abboud on al Mayadeen TV said that our victory over US lies in the fact that we have prevented US from using excess of power on Syrian ground the way it used when it invaded Iraq in 2003 because US did nor bring to Syria hundreds of thousands of forces says Abboud . This is because – according to Abboud- US can only use LIMITED Power in Syria , and this in itself is a form of victory. This means that the hundreds of vehicles and tanks that entered al Raqqa from Kurdistan and Dar’a from Jordan are a form of victory for Syria, because they are limited in number . Abboud overlooks the fact that US is fighting by proxies in Syria and has one hundred thousand terrorist thugs on the Syrian ground that belong to one hundred factions, and is not fighting this war directly as it did in Iraq . And it plans to introduce Arab forces combined with israeli forces in the south . Maybe if israel introduces just few tanks to Dar’a , this will be considered another victory for Syria . Can someone explain to us what is the logic behind this?

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