Certainly there must be a better way to deal with the issue of al Fou’a and Kafarya` than to have people killed in an exchange deal that was carried on to assure their security and safety . It is easy to accuse the predators of this crime, and the predators are expected to commit crimes other wise what does it mean to be a predator?

This crime has been prepared before hand, and even the people of the two towns knew about it and they were informed somehow that they will be targeted on the 15th and that there was an operation that was being prepared against them . 14 millions were paid in Turkey to have this operation carried on .

Someone should be made accountable for this slaughter , and why the exchange deal was not respected ? Why have Syrian lives become so cheap ? Why have they become the cheapest ? Why isn’t there any policy that seeks the safety of the Syrians as a priority? How long this will last? And are we still betting on a possible change that will affect the predators or the terrorists ? And what to do meanwhile until this change happens ?

Who sponsored this exchange deal and why aren’t they answering the questions ? Is it enough to summon the Qatari ambassador to Moscow ? And how Russia can be in charge of Syrian lives ? Previous deals that involved the two towns carried on by the`Resistance were implemented to the letter and did not end up in disasters. Unbelievable this`story where people seeking shelter are being slaughtered by those to whom they were delivered . Why seek shelter in the first place and who engineered this massacre for which such a big amount of money was paid ? This is a slaughter deal and not an exchange deal , and where is the`Syrian rule from all this?

285 people are still missing , they were 67 children killed who were invited to get their share of potato chips when the explosion happen . They knew the children were under siege and would be pleased to help themselves to these snacks . Everything was studied carefully, and the children were intentionally targeted. 67 of them fell victims on the spot and 12 women were martyred also .

97 victims`all in all and much more missing . families were torn apart , and many injured , more than 200 were taken by the terrorist thugs to places of their control and their families do not know anything of their fate . This is the Syrian Saga as it unfolds chapter after chapter where we find ourselves forced to navigate from victory to victory without being able to stop this blood bath or at least to have the terms of an exchange deal respected .

There is nothing that the rule has to offer except betting on Russia, and Russia`wants partnership with the US, and the US wants to destroy Syria . Only the Syrian people can operate a change , they should start getting their act together and find out what to do between a rule that has become crippled, and an ally that is not one, and an opposition made of sell outs, and the predator who is striving for Syrian blood .

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