No doubt the`Syrian people are the most helpless and the most lost and chattered people on earth . They have absolutely nothing left to stand for . The Palestinians, though persecuted and abused and infiltrated and targeted in every respect, have still an armed Resistance that is reliable and trustworthy and capable of defeating the purpose of the enemy . They have HAMAS and Jihad and others that are spotlights on the path . The Lebanese have the immaculate Resistance of Hizbullah that cannot be defeated by anyone and that reaped victory on every front , and the Iraqis have their Resistance also that proved itself on the ground in Iraq and in Syria , a dedicated , committed Resistance ready to offer the best . The Yemenis who are being literally massacred and starved by the predators have their Resistance also , the brave men of Ansarullah ready to sacrifice everything for the Revolution who are achieving on the ground and warding off every attack of the enemy. The Syrians, until further notice , have nothing . They have` a corrupt rule that has been ruling for decades and has alienated the people and neutralized them, , and a corrupt ally called Putin who is`a usurper of power in his own country put in charge of Syria by the predators , and a `corrupt opposition made of sell outs on the payroll of different countries and implementing different agendas , and there is nothing on the ground to counter balance all this . The Syrians, practically, as a people, are in the worst situation and this condition has to change, and this can happen by learning the proper lessons from the ongoing events .


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