While people long for democracy , the Turks have opted otherwise and are back to the sultanate, and they have chosen to alter their constitution and give more prerogatives to the presidency .These alterations are proper to Turkey and are not found anywhere else on the planet and express the longing for the old glorious sultanate that has gone.

The new constitution gives the president legislative powers equally with the parliament, and reduces the prerogatives of the parliament whereby the government will not be accountable in front of it. The cabinet will be chosen by the president whereby the position of Prime minister will be cancelled. This is because the World Order is investing in Erdogan and wants him to act far from the other political institutions and not be accountable before the people.

The constitution gives the president the right to nominate the head of the jurisprudence system, and the heads of all institutions like universities , prisons , hospitals etc… This presidential system will be effective as of 2019 except for the article that speaks about Erdogan being able to rule his party -the AKP- and remain president at the same time that will be implemented at once .

It is expected that Erdogan – according to this constitution- continues to rule for 15 years whereby the constitution will allow him 2 consecutive terms besides this one , and he could become eligible for a third term upon parliament request .

And after putting him in charge of the massacres in Syria and sponsoring Terror in Syria and Iraq , God knows what assignment Erdogan will be given that the Turks will not be able to oppose or prevent . This certainly does not say anything good , to give a certified war criminal such large powers; and it is certainly a reward for Erdogan on the blood bath that he is creating and keeping in Syria.

There is fear that Erdogan’s next assignment be the partition of Turkey, and giving the Kurds a separate state that will extend to Syria and Iraq and- in return- Turkey will get territories in Iraq as a compensation. This is to say that the opposition does not accept the results of the referendum :51.3% Yes and 48.7%No – and will try to annul them saying that there has been cheating whereby some citizens have voted twice, and 60% of the votes should be recounted according to the opposition .Only God Knows what awaits Turkey after this venture.


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