We are not Iranian but we strongly support the candidacy of doctor Ahmadinejad to the presidency of Iran .. The truth is that we consider Doctor Ahmadinejad to be the president of all . It is Doctor Ahmadinejad who introduced Iran to us as he introduced Iran to the world . He introduced Iran the Revolution and he is the bridge that links the Revolution to the rest of the world and he is what Iran needs and what the rest of the world needs in terms of connecting to this Revolution that is not meant to remain confined to one place and restricted to one country . Only someone like Doctor Ahmadinejad can operate this bridging and bring the revolution to the world and bring the world to Iran , because the aim of such Revolution is not material attainment or economic self sufficiency even if these achievements are of great importance . The Iranian Revolution has a spiritual message , and this purpose should be fulfilled for the sake of all . The absence of Doctor Ahmadinejad has created a great void on the international scene and has caused the Arab Spring to turn into a real plight and caused the countries of Latin America to be subject to destabilization. We are seeing Iran’s influence regressing in Latin america and in our region in favor of Russia and this is not to our advantage nor to the advantage of Iran.

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