The Liberation of al Mosul is not for tomorrow, but would have to wait for after the holy month of Ramadan until the schemes of partition are ripe for Syria and Iraq and also for Turkey whereby the ascension of Erdogan to power will have for price the partition of the country, and the birth of a Kurdish state in the south that will extend to Syria and Iraq and maybe Iran, and will stretch from Sinjar to ‘Ifreen and be linked to Kurdistan. Referendums will take place for this purpose in both Turkey and Kurdistan .

Sources say that Turkey will be compensated with land in Iraq for the loss in its southern territories. The Turkish Forces are still present in Syria and in Iraq and have not withdrawn from the Iraqi territories as promised by the Turks to Iraqi Prime Minister al Abadi.

Unfortunately, the scheme of the new middle east is again on the US schedule, after it was defeated in the 2006 israeli war on Lebanon . Now, this scheme is surfacing again, and more forces have been introduced to Syria , not only in the north and east of Syria but also in the south on the borders of Jordan and Palestine with vehicles and tanks and everything one can think of . This is in order to separate the south from Damascus .

As for the situation in al Mosul, the israelis are present on the ground, and they have been brought by the Kurdish belligerent, and are reporting from the ground to the israeli media . The prospects of Iraq are the division of the Shi’a front or the Shi’a Coalition between Muqtada al Sadr and the others, which will make the partition of the country easy while the Iraqis will be busy setting their differences. For this reason, the head of the Coalition- Ammar al Hakim- has resigned in order not to witness such division among the Shi’a ranks as designed by the US belligerent and be accountable for it. Thus, the Popular Crowd that the US wants to dismantle will be divided among the pro Muqtada fighters and the others which will weaken the Crowd that is a real force on the ground and that the US has failed in dismantling until now .

The observers notice the silence of the religious reference – al Sistani- regarding all this, and interpret this as an approval of the schemes of partition and the undermining of the Popular Crowd in Iraq.


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