2000 Palestinian prisoners are going on hunger strike from different factions lead by notorious prisoner Marwan al Barghouthi , the Palestinian Mandela who is leading the strike and is the one who will decide when it will end . The strike that was to be carried on by Fateh prisoners only was later joined by all factions to ask for improving the prison conditions in terms of family visits and medical care and books and newspapers , and it is expected that more prisoners join in.

The demands are prisoners’ demands and they are meager demands compared to the vastness of the move and the hunger strike . The prisoners are asking for support from the Palestinians of Gaza`and the West Bank, and the Palestinians have answered their call in Gaza and the West Bank and there are 20 wounded in the West Bank due to clashes .

This move seems to be a political move more than anything else, whereby the issue of the prisoners is being used for political reasons and ends , one of them definitely to promote Marwan al Barghouthi the Palestinian Mandela` and the heir to Arafat that is being prepared in the israeli prison to replace Mahmoud Abbas .

This is to say that the BDS campaign and Popular Initiative of the West Bank all prepare the ground for solving the Palestinian issue according to the South African model of Apartheid and anti Apartheid whereby al Barghouthi will assume the role of Mandela. Of course, this is only half the truth because the Palestinians will not be given anything finally and will not be granted equal rights since they will be transferred out of Palestine according to the israeli scheme .

The prisoners’ movement in the West Bank is deeply infiltrated, and has gone out of Palestinian hands, and this strike seems to be another maneuver whose aim maybe is to create a false flag Intifada that the israeli affiliated NGOs can manipulate and control.


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