Who is leading the battle in Syria ? Is it logical to ask this question ? Who is leading our battle in Syria, because this battle is our battle ? Can president Assad lead the battle from his presidential palace ? A battle where the whole world has rallied against Syria and against the Arab World, not to speak of the Muslim World , with one hundred thousand thugs at least fighting in different parts of the country by the testimony of`Assad himself, and fully equipped with everything they need in terms of heavy weapons and tanks and vehicles?

Can such a challenge be met by a president living in his dungeon surrounded by his assistants and close aids, walking on red Carpets and eating with silverware ? Can the battle be won in this condition? Or the battle requires something else from the Chief commander of the armed forces that is totally different, like a leader who will condescend to join the people , his people, in order to fight together, like a total change in the perspective of the rule?

Assad has failed in protecting his people and in protecting the country , and has declined the offer made by general Qassem Suleimani to secure his family in Iran and then to come and lead the battle together on the ground . Why is he staying since he has failed in protecting the country and the people, and what his remaining in power will achieve versus his abdication? Shouldn’t the situation be assessed properly? This is to say that Assad remaining posted is not according to the people’s will but in answer to world pressures.

The Syrian rule has become another party on the ground , another military faction among others with the same behavior and the same purposes . Shouldn’t Assad look for someone to replace him since he has failed ? Someone trustworthy and reliable who will assess the previous period and correct what has gone wrong? Is it possible that this happens ? And what is it that Assad hopes to achieve by remaining in power in these conditions ? Is he like the captain who will not leave the ship until it is totally wrecked ? Or does he have other perspectives and options ?

Syria has become an orphaned land with no mother, and all the predators have come to prey on it, and there is no one to protect it or defend it .The rule is incapable of assuming its responsibilities , it is not aware of them . The Axis of the Resistance is not allowed to lead , the Syrian people have been neutralized and Russia is taking Syria to further destruction and immolation


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