That The White settlers prevented the Native Indigenous from practicing their religion and from using their language was not for the sake of their evolution and for bringing them to civilization, but for the purpose of eradicating their language and depriving them of their culture which like water to the fish , is the basis of the existence and the source of the strength of any people.

The Church and the religious institutions could not monopolize fully the spirit of religion or mobilize all the religious people, thus Religion found survival and shelter outside the religious institutes. There were definitely religious uprisings that accompanied the struggle of religions and religious feelings for life. For this reason there was need for other institutions that were not directly set against formal religion but who indirectly targeted the religious movements that refused to remain confined within the Church or its institutions and similar institutions of other religions as well .

The rise of secularism was not against religious institutes or against the Church which housed corruption and exploitation and was the opium of people, but was against authentic religions and against true religious faith whereby knowledge was transferred from the Church and its institutes to the secular state and its institutes.. Thus scientific knowledge and knowledge became separate from religion , and religions were accused of being against knowledge and enlightenment . Religion and God became thus demonized, and the alienation of people from God, did not happen -this time- in the name of religion, but in the name of something that seemed loftier and far different ie : Science. The Church -this time- and instead of fighting sciences- endorsed all the scientific discoveries including the theories of Darwin which constitutes – in itself- a great surprise.

Secular science that was presented as a path to knowledge -unlike religion- could not coexist with the different cultures of people so the people had to dissociate from their cultures and join the culture of secular science. People had to be born anew and like the saying goes it became necessary to “ Kill the savage Indian and save the man” . Modern science was presented as the only way for the salvation of man and society supplanting religion and alienating people not only from their language and culture but alienating them from God and self as well
True religion is a force of strength because then, God the- Almighty- becomes an essential player on the ground . Committed people who have understood their religion and grown within its culture, know that religion -far from being a burden- is a real asset. The lessons certain Muslims –for example-derive from the battle of Karbala’ are innumerable in the sense that all the challenges they are meeting actually or will meet in the future were met at the battleground of Karbala’ by the holiest of heroes who is non other than the Prophet’s grandson. There, they could see- embodied – and figure out the notions of justice , courage , forbearance and sacrifice that had no par in the history of Islam.
The Iranian Islamic revolution proved –contrary to the goal of this secular propaganda- the possibility of the coexistence of knowledge and religion and also of the great cooperation which could happen between both. After the success of the Islamic Revolution , Iran did not forsake scientific knowledge for this much but worked on all fronts , making great achievements in the military and the medical as well as nuclear researches and proving that treading the path of scientific knowledge does not necessarily mean joining the so called western culture and western cult . Bringing together religious commitment and modern science Iranians were able -with God’s help- to defeat their enemies and Hizbullah won victory over one of the strongest army of the world .
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