The US attacks by way of Cruise missiles from the US destroyer restituted the US/Russian so called polarity over Syria that was undermined due to the Trump- Putin association and rapprochement. The Syrian rule had invested in this rapprochement between Trump and Putin, and found in it a possibility to solve the Syrian ordeal . But the allies of Syria of Iran and Hizbullah distanced themselves from such investment to the point of`warning from the new president that was described as a fool by the leader of the Lebanese Resistance. Because of this, and in order to keep the relation between Iran and Russia, there was need to reproduce this polarity one way or another, and to retrieve the alignment that will place Russia again on the side of the Axis of the Resistance facing USA..

This is where the false flag attack falls and it is an attack that was not costly, not because the Saudis covered for it expenses but because Russia was informed about it before hand and warned Syria , and they took their precautions , due to which the military base of Shu’airat was not damaged and the cost was 16 victims- 6 soldiers and 9 civilians- No one knows how many missiles hit their target and why the airport was not damaged. But the strike served its purpose, and the polarity between the so called two poles was restituted to the point of speaking a third World War where nuclear weapons will be used.

Now, we are back to square one again and Russia is where Russia should be, or where the World Order wants Russia to be facing US and confronting the super powers . A very controversial place that Russia will fill at the place of the Axis of the Resistance and on behalf of Syria , a role for which Russia does not qualify, rather a role that Russia will assume and a position that Russia will usurp because Russia is no super power. Russia`said it clearly that it will NOT fight USA under any circumstance which means that it cannot ward off any possible attack on Syria nor can it defend Syria against a US attack that Russia itself says that it might very well happen.

So why is Russia occupying a position that it does not qualify for is the question, and who is`allowing this to happen? Russia cannot protect Syria and will not protect Syria , and Syria will remain under threat and will bleed even more , and US will acquire more power and will expand and the war will extend endlessly.

It is a big show that we have been watching for 6 years now , a bloody show set in the White House where poles are not poles, and proclaimed allies are enemies and not allies , and super powers are infiltrators on the payroll of the World Order, and chemical attacks are engineered by the International Community, and terrorist criminal thugs are created and sponsored by western democracies.

This show is going from place to place , from Libya to Syria to Yemen, and the script has been distributed to all the figurants, and they are learning it by heart, and they will bring fake evidence and fake testimonies, and establish fake tribunes and tribunals .The goal is to have the forces of the Resistance not only face israel but face the whole international community with all its constituents of UN and other that are all rushing to save the state of israel.


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  1. Ash says:

    One of the best perspectives I’ve read.
    Amazing insight Daniel.
    Thank you.

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