Russia is a poor defeated country and no super power, and the world order has become a circus, and everything we are seeing is`a show; and the war belligerents are not even trying to hide their game anymore . There is no need to hide, people have grown accustomed to be lied at and they no more react .

All this had started with the attack on the twin towers, after which people have become ready to take in anything . And since then it has not stopped The Weapons of Mass Destruction, and the invasion of Iraq and Bush’s Axis of Evil, and the Terror and anti Terror saga which is the most successful among the World Order series .

This World Order horror series was triggered by one important encounter that was the encounter of the century .An encounter between a KGB 3rd rank agent by the name of Putin and the lineage of certified illuminatis represented by George W Bush. An encounter between evil and foolishness on one hand, and shrewdness and greed on the other, with a serious want in moral principles affecting both .

This encounter left its print on what will happen next . This is when Putin delivered his terrorist recipes to Bush who heard that such a thing existed that one could use to push certain agendas. And Putin demonstrated all this to Bush that Terror was a good investment if not the best, and that the risks were minimal, and one will not be necessarily caught , and the results are good, and that the apartment bombings helped Putin a establish his authority and strengthen his rule, and the war against Chechnya gave even more support to the usurper of power brought to the rule by the Yeltsin Mafia .

Bush immediately grasped the message , and one cannot overlook the similarities between the Moscow Apartment Bombings attributed to Muslim terrorists from Chechnya followed by the war on Chechnya , and the 9/11 events followed by the war declared by US on Afghanistan and Iraq . No doubt that one event inspired the other . Therefore, this cooperation between Putin and Trump is not new and had started with Bush.

Putin then came up with his great idea that he communicated probably to Bush and then to Obama that consisted in keeping Russia as a virtual pole to US in order to draw those who bear enmity to the USA and keep them under check. This is from where the idea of polarity between US and Russia started that will replace the polarity between US and USSR .

The 9/11 show was the biggest show on earth , far more spectacular than the Moscow bombings and far beyond . A show worthy of Hollywood that deserved the best of Oscars. Since then, the crazy show of false flag events meant to create military interventions everywhere on the planet , has never stopped, and now, the show has resumed with Trump and has become even more spectacular whereby everything we are witnessing on the international scene is false flag .

The chemical attacks are false flag, and the attack with Tomahawk missiles is false flag, and Russia is a fake pole to the World Order, and Trump is a fake president, and the anti Terror war is fake, as the Russian/US polarity is fake; and is fake the show taking place at the UN where the world criminals have gathered to shed crocodile tears over the children of Syria whom they have been targeting for 6 years, depriving them of everything they need , and whom they sent drowning in the sea by hundreds when they were fleeing the hell that their country has become

Putin will make use of the Syrian drama of course and will buy and sell and rally making the biggest noise, . What kind of super power is this interested only in selling its rusted weapons and feeding on the Syrian blood and giving shares to highest bidders be them Turks or Arabs or Kurds on the Syrian soil? This is the duo of the US clown brought to power and the rogue ruler came to save the world, performing on the Syrian ground . A show that will have to end finally, and the curtain will be dropped on the fallacy that we have been living for decades now , because at the same the show is going on something true is unraveling behind the scenes that very few are aware of .


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