The Yemenis are preparing for the battle of al Hudaida seaport after they have warded off all the attacks that threatened San’aa’ and other places like al Makha, and after they expanded in KSA territories . The US wants to send troops to al Hudaida while Sudan has sent 6 thousand soldiers to help in the battle .

A new Chapter will unfold regarding Yemen whereby the US administration wants to intervene personally due to the Saudi poor performance that it seeks to replace with Jordan and Egypt . The Saudis are still trying to make up for their shortcomings by asking Mansur Hadi to leave KSA with other officials and to relocate in Aden, and by investing in Yemeni tribes and contacting the heads of these tribes and offering them money in order to turn against Ansarullah, a step that has not been successful either.

In order to please their US masters, the Saudis have promised also to cover for the expenses of the missiles that USA launched on Syria against the military base of Shu’airat. The Saudis promised to finance also any other US attack on Syria. The US will also use other schemes to break the Yemeni unity that consists in separating between Ansarullah and ‘Ali Abdallah Saleh, and they have started working along this line, and Ansarullah are aware of this scheme that consists in driving away members of the San’aa’ government who are close to Abdallah Saleh.

The Yemenis are being pressured from everywhere in order to give in . They are threatened by blockade and famine, and by having their salaries cut whereby the Yemeni currency printed in Russia is not reaching San’aa’ or the north, and is falling instead in the hands of al Qa’ida . But Yemen is meeting all the challenges , and will continue the fight until the purposes of the enemy are defeated. It is difficult to understand the kind of motivation that inspires the Yemenis , but they definitely want to take this battle to its end, to where victory or martyrdom awaits them .


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