The situation is heading to escalation with direct and further US involvement in both Yemen and Syria. After securing the presence of its marines in al Raqqa, Syria, whereby 2500 US forces have been introduced , the US has introduced from Jordan number of tanks and vehicles to the area surrounding Dar’a on the Syrian-Jordanian borders whereby Jordanian forces together with Syrian tribes are expected to take over from ISIS and create a safe zone in the South in which israel is expected to share and which seeks the protection of israel

In a recent visit to Moscow made by the the Jordanian king Abdullah , the Jordanian military presence in south Syria had been already coordinated with Moscow whereby Jordan has been invited by Moscow to raid ISIS positions on the borders with Dar’a that has been effectively carried on. On the other hand, the Jordanian king visit to Washington that followed Netenyahu’s visit came to set the plan for the creation of`safe zones in the south that will undermine the presence of the forces of the Resistance in the area on the borders with the usurping state .

The Jordanian and US and UK forces, together with the allied tribes and what remains of Syria’s New Army will carry on the attacks that seek to retrieve the City of Dar’a from the Syrian Army and have it under US -UK – Jordanian-and maybe israeli control.

Now, Jordan that has been assigned by Russia to fight ISIS and invited to join the anti Terror front will have an additional assignment in fighting the Syrian Army in Dar’a according to the US -israeli plan, and take over Dar’a and separate Dar’a from the rest of Syria.. The US intends to operate landings inside Syria in order to help these forces and cut the line of supplies to the Syrian Army Syria and isolate Dar’a from the rest of Syria.



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