The first lie is to consider Russia a super power . Russia is no super power by the testimony of Putin himself who said in one of his interviews that he is still waiting at the door of the powerful 7 to be admitted . The USSR had totally collapsed . It collapsed economically and politically and militarily . It was sacked and torn apart by the rising mafia until nothing remained and nothing was left and everything was sold to the first bidder for the cheapest price .

This is Russia and this has not changed; a country that has been sacked and sold with a bunch of thieves that stole what they could find to sell for the cheapest prices helping the`west to recover from its`economic crisis . The country itself was put on sale . The Soviet Union has not finished collapsing say observers, and it is still disintegrating on more than a level. Putin is part of the process of disintegration whereby a KGB agent ascended to power after been able to secure for himself hundreds of millions of dollars from the program of exchanging food for oil .

Putin belongs to those who made their fortunes by stealing the`Russian resources that became unattended. He stole the money destined to the food. And there are thousands like him in Russia at their head is the Yeltsin Mafia whom Putin vowed to protect , and by this he secured power and ascension to the prime ministry and then the presidency . One cannot understand someone like Putin except within relation to the collapse of the USSR and the rise of the Russian mafiosos who sacked literally the country. Putin then offered his services to the Bush family and he is believed to have inspired the 9/11 attacks that were preceded by the Moscow bombings that were engineered by the FSB which Putin headed.

It is the US ~that helped Russia stand on its`feet again by offering to renew the Russian arsenals including the Russian nuclear heads . Putin put Russia under US Custody and at the same time offered Russia as `a pole to the World Order to those who were looking among the rubbles for what the` USSR stood for . For those Russia` will pose as the pole that it is not.

Russia `is nothing but a rogue state, and has nothing to speak for but the Syrian Crisis and the capacity to infiltrate the Axis of the Resistance . This is now what is”`boosting” the disintegrating country called Russia and nothing else. All this glory comes from Syria`and feeds on Syria.

And the same way Putin behaved with Russia , he is now behaving with Syria giving shares to the highest bidders , be them Kurds or Turks or Chinese or other.


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