Terror is a good investment for most governments and rulers who invest in it . 44 Egyptians killed by 2 ISIS suicidal attacks that targeted two Churches on Palm Sunday caused the Egyptian president to declare the state of emergency for 3 months in the country . This comes in handy, especially that the Egyptian rule has the intention to deliver the two islands of Tiran and Sanafeer to the Saudis despite the decision of the Supreme Court that insisted on the Egyptian identity of the 2 islands, and despite the objection of a large portion of the population . In his latest visit to US, al Sisi had agreed with Trump on delivering the two Islands to the Saudis who will build on them a military base that the Saudis will finance . The state of emergency in this case will spare the Egyptian rule the task of dealing with the eventual demonstrators who might take to streets in order to protest against going against the verdict of the Supreme court. In his condemnation of the terrorist attacks on the two churches , al Sisi called on the International Community to sanction those countries who sponsor Terror and send terrorists from the four quarters to kill in Egypt and elsewhere . Is al Sisi exposing the Saudis who contributed in bringing him to power and helped him oust the Muslim Brothers and supported him financially , or did he mean someone else ?


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