Why should there be any doubt about who is behind the massacre of the Coptic Saint George Church in Tanta? Or the other massacre in Alexandria? There should be no doubt about who is behind these massacres claimed by ISIS since we know where Terror comes from and who created Terror. It is the western powers that created Terror or created ISIS .Terror is not the work of clergy men nor is it the work of people , nor is it the interpretation of` some religious texts , nor it is a sect in Islam.

Terror is born of the western womb, and it is the child of western hegemony , it is created and trained by western powers, and funded and maintained by western orders. And these forces that created Terror and are sponsoring Terror cannot fight Terror because Terror is their offspring and child that they created in order to protect israel and afflict the Arabs and Muslims with a disease from which they cannot recover.

Terror is a huge endeavor that requires colossal efforts and immense planning that includes recruiting and funding and training and arming and brainwashing and monitoring . It involves so many levels , from the social media to the banks to the governments and administrations and secret services and Intelligence, in addition to various institutions and organizations like the UN and other. Only the world the World Order and none else can carry on such endeavor and it is`stupid to think otherwise .


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