The Russians `were warned about the US attacks by Cruise missiles on Shu’ayrat military base, and they withdrew their personnel and material and informed the Syrians to do the same. The Russians justify this by the Air Safety deal signed with the US . But the attacks were not by air strikes but from the sea, and they did not really need to be coordinated . Now the Russians have suspended the Air Safety deal with US which means that the US can raid without coordination with any one . This is to say that the information about the US strikes circulated between the Russians, the Turks , the israelis , the Syrians and probably ISIS , the other forces present on the ground were not informed most likely . Now, the Syrians have moved all the Syrian planes to the military base controlled by the Russians in Hmeimeem . We are witnessing the formation of a new block from which Iran and the forces of the Resistance are somehow excluded . The statement issued by the joint military operation room does not change anything in this state of things . The US Plan to create safe zones in Syria is still standing starting from the south in the area of Dar’a on the Jordanian -Syrian- Palestinian borders where the Forces of the Resistance and Iran are present and which the US seek to replace by Syrian Forces made from tribes that are trained by Jordan. Russia has lately invited Jordan to start striking ISIS on the Syrian-Palestinian – Jordanian borders and to enter the anti Terror Coalition which Jordan has started doing.


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