Assad should trust his allies and confine to them and invest in them, and he should trust the Axis of the Resistance to which he belongs instead of bringing in Russia . General Qassem Suleimani told him to put his family in security in Iran and that they lead the battle together in Syria but he refused, and the first lady was so shocked by this offer ! Assad cannot lead the ship in such hard and challenging times . There is too much at stake . It is the future of the Arabs and Muslims that is being decided , and Assad does not qualify to lead and he needs to listen to those who have acquired wisdom and experience ,He should listen to leader Khamina’i and Sayyed Hassan Nasrullah who have gathered enough wisdom and developed foresight and courage and have bore successfully great responsibilities . He cannot rely on his unqualified gang of Baathists nor on rogue Putin who is a usurper of power in his own country . He should listen to his people and stop monitoring things from his castle. This will not do . He should be on the ground where the battle is and where the people are. There is no other choice, and himself and Syria will be lost if he does not take this wise decision. Syria has reached the edge and the Syrians are not only solving the Kurdish/Turkish differences and the Russian/Turkish differences on their own soil but they are trying now to shore up Trump and have him win the support of the Republicans, and they have accepted that Syria be shelled for this purpose according to some sources. This is going too far . Someone should stop this otherwise we are going into the dark endless tunnel.


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