Battles rage in ‘Ayn el Helwe Palestinian camp in Sidon Lebanon whereby the terrorist factions who – sources say are in direct contact with israel- are escalating the situation in one of the most important Palestinian camps in Lebanon. This situation is threatening to the camp and might spread to other Palestinian camps in Lebanon where around half a million Palestinians live . The destruction of Palestinian camps have started with Nahr al Bared in north Lebanon in 2007 that was destroyed and only partially rebuilt . The other camp that was destroyed during the Syrian war was al Yarmuk in 2015 with more than 370 thousands refugees that had to flee the camp while only 17 thousands stayed . The civil war in Lebanon in 1975 had closed two camps that are Tal Azza’tar and Dbayye . Not to forget the Sabra and Shatila massacres in 1982 that killed at least 3 thousand Palestinians during the invasion of Beirut . All these attempts seek to undermine the right to Return by genociding the Palestinians and causing their further displacement . This comes at the same time the liquidation of the Palestinian Cause is walking hand in hand with the deterioration of the situation in the Arab world


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