The military base of Shu’ayrat has not been damaged as it seems and – yesterday- two Syrian planes took off from the base itself sources say. The missiles did not hit the airport itself the Syrians say but- mostly- the surroundings which is strange because these missiles are known for hitting their target .

So, the strike in itself was not damaging . And it is not just that it allowed the thugs of ISIS to progress towards Tadmur . The most dangerous in this attack is that it was coordinated with the parties on the ground, and we are not speaking about the coordination with the Russians, or with the israelis, or with the Turks, or with ISIS because there is nothing new in all this, and the US has close relations with all those . We are speaking about coordinating these strikes with the Syrian rule itself even if this coordination was not direct but through the Russian medium .

What is`sure is that the Russians were informed about these strikes before hand, and that they had informed the Syrians who acted accordingly and removed what had to be removed from the base before the strike happens . This indirect coordination arranged by the Russian belligerent does not tell anything good especially that we are speaking about the military base from where the israeli planes were targeted.

The Russian belligerent had already introduced the Turks into Syria to take Jarablus in a similar deal that got the Syrian approval and The Russian planes helped the Turks raiding al Baab and taking hold of the city preventing the Syrian Army from proceeding in order to retrieve al Baab and drawing a red line that cannot be transgressed . The Russians also are training the Kurds, and have opened a military base in ‘Ifreen in the north of the country . They are working on all fronts and giving shares and distributing roles to the highest bidder .

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