The battles have not stopped at Ayn el Helwe Palestinian camp in south Lebanon . The terrorist thug called Bilal Badr affiliated to al Qa’ida and believed to have contacts with the israelis, has gathered a real army inside the camp made of Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese . Sources say that Badr obtained huge amounts of money through one of the Arab embassies and- thanks to this – has been able to recruit this number of people and train them and provide them with equipment . Badr is implementing an agenda that seeks a further displacement of Palestinians by destroying their camps in order to undermine the right to return. But the other agenda is no less important, and it is also to block the road to the south and to create problems for the Shi’a community who head to their villages and towns on a regular basis. and need to commute . The latest clashes inside the camp have caused the Palestinians to create a security apparatus made of several Palestinian factions whose aim is to enforce security and protect the camp . But Bilal Badr has not been training hundreds of recruits for nothing . It is chaos that he is seeking and the destruction of the camp which will be a disaster for tens of thousands of Palestinians, not to speak that these events can spread easily to other camps whose condition is also precarious and are hosting all kinds of refugees from Syria and many Lebanese outlaws..This is to say that the Lebanese Army has no jurisdiction to enter the camps and the security inside the camps is the responsibility of the different factions.


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