According to local sources, the New US president Trump is taking into consideration the new pact of HAMAS where HAMAS accepts a Palestinian state on the 67 borders, and is trying to accommodate HAMAS by not putting the Muslim Brothers on the Terror list. The president might present a concession to al Sisi to put the Muslim Brothers of Egypt on the Terror list but will not put the Muslim Brotherhood as a whole because of Turkey – of course – and maybe because of the HAMAS new pact also even if HAMAs did not mention the Brotherhood in its new pact where it accepts the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian State on the 67 territories with al Qods as its capital . The new pact is not a surrender in any way but a smart redefinition of Oslo that will end the state of division among Palestinians without recognizing israel, nor giving up the weapons of the Resistance, nor ending the state of war between Israelis and Palestinians , nor giving up the right of return . The israelis will never accept this new version of Oslo- of course- and they are improving their Iron Dome to rehabilitate it and have it retaliate to the middle range missiles by a new Radar System called David’s Slingshot. Israel does not seek any agreement but is looking for a compromise that will keep the settlements in place and transfer the Palestinians to Jordan, Sinai or Syria , and, for this reason, Trump has asked the Egyptian President al Sisi to cooperate and put pressure on the `Palestinian president to accept a settlement that will accommodate israel .


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