Al Mu’allem held a press conference- in Damascus- about the latest chemical attacks in which he was evasive as usual. We did not know whether the Syrian rule will accept an eventual UN team of inspection or not , they said they will accept it on condition. We did not know precisely which condition . They- the government and the rule- consider all foreign troops as invaders, and all fighting factions as terrorists, but they will not fight the first and they will negotiate with the second . They praise Russia at every turn, and are betting on Russia, and they have put all their eggs in the Russian basket. And they slam Erdogan, but they think that Putin will keep Erdogan under check forgetting that it is the Russians who invited Turkey in , and it is Russia who helped the Turks take al Baab . When asked if they will arm the Arab tribes who expressed the will to fight the US occupation in al Raqqa and the Kurds of the SDF , Al Mu’allem answered that the rule will avoid a civil war at any price in the country, which means that they will not fight the US . What is their next plan ? it is Astana, even if the thugs did not show up at the latest meeting. How are they going to manage and what is their road map if they have any ? The answer is we are coordinating with Russia , and Russia will help , before God even.


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