the UN is` discussing the chemical attacks in Syria , in Khan Shaykhun, and they are taking turns to speak . The UN did not reunite for the`Yemenis and the 200 Iraqis killed by the`US have been quickly forgotten while their bodies are still warm . This masquerade at the UN is`taking place`now while Yemenis are being shelled by cluster bombs . No one asked the Saudis and the US why are they using cluster bombs against children . No one is asking why the first team of UN investigators who in 2013 investigated the chemical attacks on al Ghouta of Damascus found the environment clean from toxics that were found only on the victims remains who were inoculated with the toxics by their abductors from the armed factions . The investigation then did not reach any conclusion. even though it has gathered evidence . Russia who said it had evidence about the opposition using chemical weapons in Khan al Assal , did not make public this evidence but said that it gave it to the UN. The UN never mentioned it and the investigation did not reach any conclusion and Syria after surrendering all its chemical arsenals by UN experts testimony is still accused of using chemicals . And now the UN wants to send inspection teams to Syria to inspect all the military locations of the country.We are back to the WMD of Iraq and the UN inspection will target no doubt everything in Syria.


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