The kind of narrative we are getting from pro Syrian regime journalists is the narrative that speaks about a victory in Syria and praises president Assad, and says that it is from the Syrian womb that is born the force that is a pole `to the US , and confronts US and even will defeat US that is Russia .

This narrative at the same time it praises Syria and the Syrian rule exposes the Iraqi PM – Haidar al ‘Abadi- accusing him of being a CIA agent. After demonizing HAMAS saying that HAMAS is israeli , there we go demonizing al ‘Abadi . Not that al ‘Abadi is an angel, but the Syrian rule needs to promote itself at the `expense of someone , and now it is al ‘Abadi’s turn to serve this purpose .

We have seen this in Jonathan Azaziyyah’s narrative about Iraq , and today we were served the same meal by writer Mikhail Awad on the radio of the Resistance . Awad is on the Syrian rule’s payroll, and so must be Azaziyyah, and so many others also for which reasons we are being served these poisonous meals of misinformation .

According to Awad , a New World Order will be born from the Syrian womb headed by Russia who will change the whole equation in our favor , and it is thanks to Syria that a pole to the USA is born. .The capacity of `these intellectuals- like Awad – to overlook everything in Syria , like the destruction , the deaths , the threats ,the chaos , the displacement ,the victims , the injured, is breathtaking, and there is nothing like it . Victorious for Awad means that Assad is still posted because we are not close to any real victory on the ground in Syria .

It is true – like Awad says – that Russia has been promoted, but it is thanks to the Syrian blood , and after feeding on the victories of the armed Resistance of Hizbullah and on the forces of the`Resistance and Iran , on the 2000 martyrs who fell among freedom fighters whereby the Syrian rule channeled all these victories to Russia instead of channeling them to the Syrian people and to the Axis of the Resistance .

And Russia is not a pole to the world order, and we should stop disseminating this lie that Russia is a sovereign state . Russia is a world order affiliate, and does the bidding of the World Order and is in Syria upon US request and on a world order assignment , and has been promoted at the expense of Syria’s unity and integrity and safety .

It is a shame to sell this lie to others while Syria is being torn apart , with half a million casualties, and 1.5 million injured , and 13 millions displaced, and thousands missing . And this is not the fault of al Abadi even if he is a CIA` agent , and demonizing al Abadi will not shore up Assad, nor burying one’s head in the sand will do, nor filling one’s pockets by disinforming and misinforming others . This circus should stop at one point and it is high time. that this happens.


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