It is one scenario the chemical weapons `issue` and the verbal letter sent to Assad from Trump . through congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard . The relations between US` and Syria seems to have to go through the chemical weapons issue` . Chemicals`or not Assad’s telephone number is now with Trump, and Assad is expecting a call from Trump , and Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard spent one full hour with Assad and two hours with his wife Asmaa’ and went back to the US administration with documents that prove the involvement of the Obama administration with terrorist factions . So the relation between the two has crossed many obstacles and will cross the chemical obstacle and survive . As we say, Syria has become an open playground and the Syrian blood has become cheap . The UN can come . If Assad did not oppose the Turks or the US why would he oppose the UN . But of course he should not look complacent also . These attacks have succeeded in rallying for Assad finally.
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