Russian Sources say that the Syrian airforce raided on a factory that manufactures chemical weapons in Khan Shaykhun, Idlib, where Tahreer al Sham is in control which caused the death of a hundred people and injured other hundreds , mostly civilians all poisoned by toxic gases . The chemicals come from Iraq say the source . The Syrian government has not yet confirmed this information, but commentators interviewed by al Manar TV say that Syria had warned the UN about information it got that terrorist factions had introduced dangerous chemicals to Syria coming from Turkey not from Iraq in form of gas cylinders . So it seems that the Syrian airforce raided in Khan Shaykhun the arsenals where these weapons were stored that were ready to be used according to the Russian version that was not confirmed by the Syrian authorities .

The UN wants to take the necessary measures and has called for a meeting but the Russians will veto any UN Resolution against Syria as expected . The question is- if the`Russian version were true – who told Syria to raid these arsenals that should not have been targeted in the first place because they contain toxic material , Or did the regime act on its own . The outcome of all this is that Syria will be placed again under Russian ” custody” so to speak , since Russia will veto any UN Resolution against Syria, and this submission of Syria to Russia will be consecrated. And only God knows if it is not Russia that caused all this and has not raided these arsenal or directed the Syrian planes to where these weapons were hidden. This story is not clear and seems to be set up and it is not the Syrian rule that is benefiting from all this.


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