This is serious and not a joke and we are back to the first square when in year 2013 Syria`was accused of carrying on chemical attacks in the Ghouta of Damascus for which Obama threatened to bomb Syria . Assad then decided to surrender Syria’s chemical arsenal to the UN through a deal in which Russia played the middle man . Whether Syria delivered its`chemical arsenal or not does not make any difference . Syria, in all cases never conducted such attacks . It is`the opposition that inoculated children abducted from Ladikiyya with chemical toxics because the investigations proved that there were no traces in the environment of the toxics found in the remains of the children. Mother Agnes of the Cross also said that families from the vicinity of Ladikiyya recognized their children abducted from Ladikiyya in the videos that were distributed by the opposition where they were filmed lying on the floor victims of chemical attacks on al Ghouta . The parents recognized their children by the way they were dressed and mother Agnes conducted her private investigation that proved that the opposition inoculated the already dead children from Ladikiyya with chemical toxics to prove that they were targeted Now, the Syrian rule is being accused of of using chemicals in raiding Khan Shaykhun in Idlib causing the death of more than 50 people . Syria denies using these chemicals and is accusing the opposition of conducting these attacks . On the other side , the UN intends to bring the matter to the Security Council.


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