We still don’t know the kind of sacrifices the Lebanese Resistance offered in Syria . The efforts , the training, the fighting ; most of this`was done by the Lebanese Resistance of Hizbullah . The Resistance does not say anything , nor will say anything , not even the number of martyrs or wounded is revealed . But a colossal effort was exerted by Hizbullah in Syria that exceeds even the effort exerted to Liberate Lebanon from israeli occupation. in 2000 . The number of martyrs is higher . 2000 martyrs , 7000 injured . The Resistance trained thousands of fighters, 10 thousands in al Qusayr alone .

All the new factions created to fight along the syrian Army were trained by the Resistance with Iranian financing . Most battles were fought by Hizbullah Freedom Fighters who will fight the battle and hand in the liberated area to the Syrian Army who in many times will desert It for the Resistance to liberate it .again . It was a very hard task

In Aleppo, the Resistance did practically everything, from liberation, to demining to preservation, everything was done at the high cost of martyrdom . All this could have BEEN ENOUGH to liberate 3 or `4 countries , still, Syria is like a leaking vessel , whatever one puts in it will be wasted . The Resistance liberated Lebanon with less than that , but, in Syria , the Russian belligerent has been given all the authority , and the decision on the battlefield is his , and he has been imposed as a partner by the Syrian rule . And the Russian belligerent is in Syria in order to establish a balance between the armed terrorist factions and the pro regime forces which is` why the Resistance was not allowed to reap total victory .

The Resistance will not say all this, and will not speak about its achievements and sacrifices on the Syrian ground because the Resistance is not begging for recognition nor for gratitude . And when the Resistance gives, it is with a whole heart and benevolence . The Resistance gives the best . But there was no real appreciation on behalf of the Syrian rule – no doubt- and all the appreciation went to the Russian belligerent, and all the honors too; and the victories of the Resistance were channeled to Putin who acquired undeserved name and fame for practically doing nothing that is of significance but hindering the progress of the Resistance on the ground by procrastination and misplaced cease fires and truces .

Maybe it was not such a good investment to invest in the Syrian rule . Maybe the Resistance should not have helped the Syrian rule unconditionally . Still, the Resistance colossal efforts and sacrifices are not being rewarded by Syria, not yet . The battle has not ended, but the situation has become more and more complicated and what was possible today might turn difficult tomorrow . Assad was not a good ally , definitely not.


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