the article says that Assad is ready to speak directly to Trump and he gave Gabbard a private phone number where he could be reached and gave her documents that prove the involvement of US officials in supporting ISIS. This is the content of the verbal letter sent by Trump to president Assad .
What we should notice is the sentence that says to meet the US apart from Russia and Iran . This might show a new scenario whereby Russia and Iran are being associated together and treated on par and what is good for one should be good for the other although Iran is part of the Axis of the Resistance together with Syria and Russia is not .

قال لها: حسناً، اسأليه إن كان مستعداً للتواصل معنا، وأنا مستعد للاتصال به هاتفياً. ولكن، ليكن معلوماً منذ الآن أن التعاون سيكون عنوانه قتال «داعش». سيجد أن مطلب إطاحته من منصبه ليس في دائرة اهتماماتي. وهو عنوان سيختفي من التداول تدريجياً. أما التواصل المباشر وإلغاء العقوبات، فهما أمران يحتاجان الى وقت، والمهم أن نعرف كيفية تصرفه، ومدى استعداده للتعاون معنا بمعزل عن الروس والإيرانيين. نحن يجب أن نغيّر سياستنا تجاه الأسد. الاحتواء المباشر قد يكون مفيداً. الرجل صمد في موقعه. الواقع يقول لنا إنه يجب أن
نتعامل معه إذا كنا نريد مواجهة داعش فعلياً.

This is a litteral TRANSLATION OF THE VERBAL LETTER SENT BY DONALD TRUMP through Congress woman Tulsi Gabbard in which Trump says to Gabbard :

OK. ask him ( president Assad ) . if he is ready to communicate with us and that i am ready to call him by telephone and let it be known that this will have for headline fighting ISIS and he will find out that it is is not within my field of interest to have him deposed which is a topic that will disappear gradually from circulation. As for communicating and removing sanctions , these things will take time. What is important is to know how he will behave and how ready is he to deal directly with us far from the Iranians and Russians



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